We priorize a high quality services, propitiated by the personal and customized service delivered by the own partners.


We work with customized services, without definite formula, where the professional is in the center of our actions.


M&W Relocation works fluently in English, Spanish and French languages, offering the following services:

Departing / Repatriation



Follow-up the agreements and social security for termination


Carrying out the second verification and negotiation to return the property


Providences to recovery the property for terminating the agreement


Follow-up of the agreement’s termination and return of the keys


Cancellations of the services prior contracted:

Telephone, cable, Internet, etc.


Reservation in hotels and flats of São Paulo


Airport Reception


City Tour

We show the city, its neighborhoods, facilities, characteristics, mapping of the client’s needs to choose a house among others.

Suggestion of places for family days out.

House Hunting

Assistance to find a proper home to the family, along with the procedures to obtainment of documentation and its respective analysis.
Negotiation of rental’s agreement.
Initial inspection of the property.


Instructions about Schools, Universities and other courses

We help to select the education institutions in accordance to the requirements established by the client.
Follow-up of visits.
We schedule and follow-up the interviews at the schools and universities selected.
Assistance on the enrollment and purchase of uniforms and school supplies.


Assistance to prepare the Pre Move and Move

Instruction to engage domestic maintenance teams, electric and hydraulic reviews, restoration and interior design.
Price research, follow up of shopping and assistance to engage companies to install telephones, household appliances, internet and cable TV, etc.
Instruction and follow-up to buy furniture and utensils according to personal or entrepreneurial budget.
Instruction and suggestion of fumigation services.
Follow-up of the furniture arrival and assistance to check the inventory.


Instruction and follow-up of the first shopping

In Supermarkets, drugstores and facilities services.


Assistance to obtainment of Support Services

Electricians, Plumbers, etc...


First contact and instructions of doctors, dentists and labs


Suggestion of agencies that provide housekeeping services and support to recruitment


Assistance to open a banking account


Support to buy / rent / register a car


Assistance to contract private car / house insurance.


M&W Relocation disposes of armored car.